About Amanda

My Name is Amanda and these are my thoughts…

After becoming a published writer at age six with a poem about my cat I knew I had found my destiny. Okay, not really… I like to think of myself as a 20-something, hippie-princess who has far too many aspirations in life and absolutely no inhibitions about following them all. I write to share about following my dreams and to inspire others to follow their own.

My professional background consists of a four-year stint at Western Washington University that earned me a degree in communication and minor in journalism. I served a year in AmeriCorps in the Public Allies program as a communication and development coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. I spent two years making magic as an entertainer at Walt Disney World. Early in 2012 I lived three months Tanzania working with Faces 4 Hope, a blossoming non-profit organization working to educate, enable, and empower tribal people in East Africa. Today you will find me living my dream of a life in Southern California and doing whatever I can to help others reach dreams of their own.

All opinions are my own and are not affiliated with any organization. I write to inspire change, to instill hope, and to challenge the normal. I write to create connection, to bring attention, and to propel movement. I write about life because my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ died that I may live it. Reality is relative and life is what you make it. I write to live…and I live to love.

Thanks for reading.

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